Reimagining Power & Privilege:
Skills and Tools to Help Build a World We All Want to Live In

For people, partners, parents, practitioners, and professionals who want an entirely new relationship with Power

In this 2-day live weekend workshop, facilitated by Meghna Majmudar, we will:

  • Define Power and frameworks for understanding different patterns of power
  • Build understanding of your own internal relationship to power
  • Understand foundational experiences of powerlessness and how they may shape your current experience
  • Articulate your own personal definition of power — and understand the tools to use your power more effectively
  • Learn new and additional sources of power — and increase your ability to activate those new sources of power
  • Learn how to see and name power dynamics, locate yourself in them, and understand how to reshape those dynamics
  • Leave with the ability to be in your world, workplace, family, partnerships, client sessions, all manner of challenging situations — and with yourself — in a more trusting, responsible, authoritative, and liberated way

Who this is for:

  • People, partners, parents, practitioners, and professionals who want an entirely new understanding of and relationship to power
  • People who want to apply a lens of equity and inclusion into the ways they operate in their lives and work
  • People in highly recognized positions of power (managers, leaders, founders, teachers, parents, practitioners, therapists/healers, coaches, directors, etc) who want to use that power well
  • People who are acutely aware of their own powerlessness, have fear and aversion to power, but don’t want to stay bottomed out there
  • Anyone who thinks they have a good relationship to power and definitely those who don’t
  • Especially for the “firsts” and “only’s” — the first from your family to do x, y, or z, and the only one like you in the room. This course was built from their perspectives and experiences.

No experience with Transformational NLP required
Live on Zoom

About Meghna Majmudar

Head of Executive and Leadership Engagement, at ReadySet

Meghna (she/her) believes a world run by a “rainbow nation” of leaders is one in which most people would want to live. As a strategist, consultant, and coach focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, her expertise is in helping leaders of all types, especially firsts and onlys - the first from their family or community or the only one like them in the room, to do the inner work to build an authentic sense of power, authority, and leadership and navigate the outer structures of their workplace. Meghna brings close to 20 years of experience as a strategy consultant and executive coach across diverse industries: healthcare, technology, financial services, consumer goods and automotive, as well as several non-profit organizations.

Meghna was first introduced to the work of NLP Marin in 2010, and completed Core, Masters, Understanding Family Constellations, Holo I, and Holo II from 2017-2019. She also served as a Teaching Assistant for ITC and the 2019-2020 Masters Cohort. In the Newtonian world, Meghna can be found plotting her next plant-based cooking endeavor, checking out different fitness apps and gyms, or looking for a great cup of coffee.

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