Business Mentoring Group

Business Mentoring Group

To continue our learning and support of each other in building our businesses, we are pleased to now offer Business Mentoring Group, the next step after participating in the foundational Business Building Group class.

Sessions will be recorded and made available to all who participate in case you have to miss a week or to have as a resource for review when needed.

Open to those who've participated in Business Building Group.

The group will follow this format in bi-weekly meetings:

  • Individual check-ins on how each person is doing/what they are facing right now in their business
  • Identifying an emerging theme (which always happens - it's amazing how the field will surface similar issues when a group meets)
  • Karilee will then do a bit of individual coaching with as many people as possible and everyone else contributes where appropriate (sharing personal experiences and insights that the group can benefit from)
  • Everyone will get something personal each meeting AND also benefit from hearing everyone else's coaching (i.e., learning from the meta position) to take with them to incorporate into their businesses.
  • If topics of interest emerge for deeper learning, then Karilee will create a learning module and present it at the next meeting. This may also include guest speakers!
  • We'll identify homework to keep you working on your business in between sessions in productive ways!

Meet your Business Mentoring Group trainer and leader, Karilee Wirthlin

As General Manager of NLP Marin, Karilee oversees and manages processes and operations across NLP Marin including finance and accounting, operations, sales and marketing, and human resources. By ensuring a strong foundation of operations, she accelerates innovative course development that brings Transformational NLP into the world.

Karilee brings to NLP Marin her extensive experience in running her own Silicon Valley digital marketing consulting practice and combines that with her love of Transformational NLP. Karilee’s professional passion focuses on utilizing technology to bring people together and creating high-performing teams.

Karilee began her training at NLP Marin in 2012, became a certified Master NLP Practitioner in 2013, and became a Transformational NLP Practitioner in 2014. She’s served as a teaching assistant in the back of the room of many of our courses for several years. She also holds a BA in Computer Science from Mills College in Oakland, California. In her leisure time, she enjoys crocheting, crossword puzzles, reading, family genealogy and scrapbooking, and spending time with her two nephews.


  • Vanessa Loder
    NLP Marin is the best NLP Program out there! The trainers are incredibly skilled and you will experience profound positive shifts in your life as a result of this work. This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, your happiness and getting more of what you want in your life!
    Vanessa Loder
    Women's Leadership Expert
  • Tracy Joy
    I met and was trained in NLP by Carl and Michelle at a critical point in my life when I knew I needed to fundamentally change the foundation of how I learned to exist in the world so I could live the life I wanted. They made making that change easy and supported providing tremendous amounts of love. I cannot say enough great things about my experience working with them. And, I can't appreciate them enough for what they provided for me.
    Tracy Joy
    PTSD Therapist
  • Tivo Sr.
    The introduction is fabulous, fun and demonstrates the power of NLP.
    Tivo Sr.
    Learning, Training and Development Consultant
  • Tim Gallagher
    Anyone looking to offer NLP into their change work practice would greatly benefit by going through the program. The skill set and training that I received from NLP Marin allowed me to do meaningful change work with my Clients from day one of opening my practice. It prepared me emotionally to work with my Clients on a deep emotional level. Thank you Carl and Michelle for providing me with a path that allows me to be of service to others and for changing my life!
    Tim Gallagher
    MA NLP Practitioner
  • Sylvia Barsky
    NLP Marin has taken my understanding of human awareness and possibilities to a whole new level. Not only have I changed my old patterns and stuckness, I have also become much more connected, and compassionate with myself. It feels good not to be hard on myself and to laugh easily every day! My creative process is flowing again which brings so much joy! My relationships with the world has shifted to a much broader loving, wise, understanding, curious, confident, and encompassing connection with others as well. My clients have benefited from the work as well. It has created a much deeper connection and understanding that opens them up to explore their lives much more deeply and directly in a positive and safe way. It is wonderful to see the epiphanies light up and the excitement of experiencing new ways to overcome what has been holding them back. Everything has changed for the absolute better and I am so grateful to Carl, Michelle, Carla, and all who work so hard with beautiful open hearts, deep wisdom, humour, and vast knowledge to safely guide and teach us this wonderful work. I can't thank you enough!
    Sylvia Barsky
  • Susanna Jackman
    Guaranteed ka-ching moments, often known as ah-ha experiences; always thrilling, surprising and gratefully received.
    Susanna Jackman
  • Susan P
    NLP Marin is a place where you learn powerful and deep tools of healing in a way that feels natural, supportive and fun.
    Susan P
    Community Organizer, Teacher, Healing Practitioner
  • Stuart Bell
    I was okay before, but since NLP Marin I have been far more respectful, easy going, and loving to myself and others.
    Stuart Bell
    BodyMind learning
  •  Stewart Anderson
    The community that arises during (and after) the course (Core Comp) is uplifting, fulfilling, supporting and accepting. The sense of belonging runs deep. Carl and Michelle foster a beautiful, humorous space of trust in which to work with our "shortcomings".
    Stewart Anderson
    Account Executive
  • Shauna
    Fascinating application of neuroscience in the context of great compassion. Some of the other NLP approaches I have seen appear to be less sophisticated and manipulative in comparison. Even in the Core class, I learned valuable skills to apply in interactions with others in my everyday work and personal life. By the end of Masters, I felt much more effective in client interactions and have used the techniques and concepts in work presentations. I apply the techniques and concepts in personal life on a daily basis.
    Start-up Consultant
  • Sami
    I stepped into the first Foundations weekend in 2009 out of curiosity. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. As I look back now, I see big shifts in my self-image and around my personal relationships. And there was this unexpected paradigm shift around the fundamental premise of subjective reality. That has opened up a new world to me where I continue to unfold.
  • Ryan Perry
    Words of praise could be a whole volume. I love the way the NLP culture allows you to feel ok about yourself and does a great job of boosting individuals confidence while allowing them to struggle to figure things out in their own unique way and time frame. The amount of wisdom and personal insight that all the trainers and TA's share is valuable and much appreciated.
    Ryan Perry
    Self Employed CEO
  • Richard Friesen
    I have a lot of previous training as a therapist and coach. I have an M.A. in clinical psychology, graduate of the Gestalt Institute plus additional physiological training in Reichian Therapy, neuroscience and other modalities. It wasn't until I came to Marin NLP that I had a framework to put it all together with a clear map that I could make my own. My clients would not be experiencing the progress they are making without my NLP Master's experience.
    Richard Friesen
    CEO Mind Muscles Academy
  • Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillippe
    I have spent my adult life finding modalities for change and evolution of consciousness. Carl & Michelle's work is THE most powerful stuff I've experienced! Every aspect of my life is vastly improved (and I mean, radically transformed!) because of their work!
    Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillippe
    Teacher, musician, transformation coach
  •  Reiner
    This NLP is sourced through the creative mind of Carl Bucheit. Carl has a unique funnel of brilliant, original, truly expansive and FUN intelligence that will bring you to tears of joy and tears of laughter, all in service to the liberation of your very own "Self".
    Spiritual Director
  • Regina Martinelli
    NLP Marin offers highly impactful and unique trainings to help you have the type of experience you desire in your life; without needing to remember to be any different. Its subtle, its powerful and its permanent.
    Regina Martinelli
    EVP of Sales & Marketing
  • Rachel Bassignani
    I love it all.
    Rachel Bassignani
  • Preston Temple
    I firmly believe that NLP Marin is the best NLP training in the world. The 'outcome frame' alone is one of the most powerful therapeutic tools ever developed and that's only scratching the surface of what's possible. Carl is basically an NLP savant and it is an honor and a privilege to get to learn directly from him. The curriculum he has amassed is nothing short of a national treasure.
    Preston Temple
  • Peter Touchard
    NLP Marin not only helped me grow as a person and create healthy change in my life, but it also taught me ways to help other people grow and change too. The value this training has added to my life is immeasurable. I'm forever grateful to the trainers, staff and TAs for creating a space for magic to happen. If you're looking for big breakthroughs in your life, take these trainings.
    Peter Touchard
    Constellations and Transformational NLP Practitioner
  • Ollin McBayne
    Its not that don't want to, I wish I could, but its very difficult for me to explain my experience with the training which for me was a mix of terror, and curiosity, combined with this the instructors profound respect for human experience, sweetened with a generous dose of laughter, and applied liberally, is continuing to produce a whole lot of rapport with Self, other selves and the world at large.
    Ollin McBayne
  • Norma Anaya
    There is something about the way that Carl and Michelle speak. It is very soothing.
    Norma Anaya
    Executive Assistant
  • Nicole Dugas
    I have transformed so much in such a short time. This work is amazing, truly amazing. I'm excited to keep learning and keep transforming into a happy balanced life I deserve.
    Nicole Dugas
  • Nancy Painter
    Marin NLP is so much more than a personal growth or training seminar. It is a community that embraces your true self often before you can figure that out for yourself. It will change your worldview and provide the opportunity for you to have more of what you want in your life without the typical efforting that makes change so hard.
    Nancy Painter
    President of Painter Executive Search
  • Mick Connolly
    NLP Marin, Carl, Michelle, Carla and all the TA's that guided me along the way have changed my life so profoundly both personally and professionally. Now I have the capabilities to assist those that desire a different experience, to have just that. I loved my time as a student and participant and now as a practitioner. Thank you.
    Mick Connolly
    Transformational NLP Practitioner and PTSD Specialist
  • Maurice W. Burrell Jr.
    This training works with grace and effortlessness, as it subtly transforms the landscape of life.
    Maurice W. Burrell Jr.
  • Mary
    NLP Marin is the best at what they offer. There’s nothing that can compare, anywhere. You’ll get more out of every other training or retreat you attend after having studied at NLP Marin.
    NLP, hypnotherapy, mediation and communication facilitator
  • Marlen O.
    My participation in the NLP Marin coursework has made me a happier, more authentic and more aware human being. The changes within me were subtle, yet incredibly profound and life-changing.
    Marlen O.
    VP Business Development
  • Mariska Rowell-Lehman
    I'm so in love with NLP Marin so far. I have been experiencing a lot of self-reflection since starting. I've also had better conversations with my husband. It's been awesome!
    Mariska Rowell-Lehman
  • Marcella Mission
    We will never know the full extent of our actions and existence. However the actual change and ripple effects of NLP Marin can be seen, heard, felt, smelled and tasted. Individuals, partnerships, Families and communities have benefited because NLP Marin has survived and continues to breath life and love on earth. Thank you, I love you.
    Marcella Mission
    retired mechanical bull operator
  • Madeleine Munday
    NLP Marin is the most integrative and transformative practice on my spiritual path. I recommend the courses and activities without reservation to anyone seeking greater happiness, balance and joy in their life.
    Madeleine Munday
    Catholic sister, administrator
  • Lindsay
    NLP Marin's trainings were hands down the best investment I've ever made - in myself, my well-being, my business, and my life. I whole-heartedly recommend the trainings to anyone who is wanting to change their life for the better.
    Client Services Director and Life Coach
  • Leanne Pain
    The learning and awareness that I have gained from NLP Marin has had a deeply profound impact in my life. The training is invaluable and exceptional. I would love to attend everything offered. I will eventually. NLP Marin creates an environment which allowed me to feel safe and allowed my critter to calm down.
    Leanne Pain
    ABASW, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner
  • Laura Schummers
    I came to NLP Marin for my own healing and to get a step closer to reinventing my career. The Teaching Assistants are incredibly supportive and welcoming, and the other students are the types of people I want to spend my time with. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this community.
    Laura Schummers
  • Kurt Luoto
    Carl and the staff at NLP Marin are consummate instructors of NLP and related subjects, delivering the material with grace, warmth, and good humor. They draw not only upon traditional NLP practice, but also upon cutting edge techniques from complementary practices, such as the work of Bert Hellinger. They provide an experience that will change forever how you view the world, others, and especially yourself, and will give you a foundation for personal change that can improve every aspect of your life.
    Kurt Luoto
    PhD; mathematician and software developer.
  • Krit Kumar Sharma
    NLP Marin has transformed my relationship with myself and life itself and I have had many wonderful changes since taking the trainings.
    Krit Kumar Sharma
  • Kimberley Tiong
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Carl and NLP Marin.
    Kimberley Tiong
    Changework practitioner
  • Kim Lovegrove
    I can't recommend NLP Marin, as a whole, highly enough. Carl, Carla & Michelle are exemplary teachers/trainers ..... I hold them in the highest esteem.
    Kim Lovegrove
    Transformational/Results Coach
  • Kim Hagan
    The combination of classes and my sessions with Carl truly helped me to let go of holding onto suffering and fear and to realize and see that I am already free and safe just as I am. To rest in the peace and joy if not having to do or fix anything and to just allow myself to be just as I am, and to feel REALLY good about that! They helped me to allow myself to accept my own free will as a birthright that we all have and to rest in freedom of being able to choose again and again! The magic of constellations and holo combined with the basis change Work has helped me beyond words!
    Kim Hagan
  • Kenya Thomas
    Have worked with Carl Buchheit for a number of years and have found his trainings powerful and informative. His humor, kindness and intellect are unparalleled and the training is truly unlike anything else available.
    Kenya Thomas
    Computer Networking Engineer and Sales Trainer
  • Ken Griffin
    Core Competencies was, and continues to be, a life changing experience for me in the best possible way.
    Ken Griffin
  • Kelly Notaras
    Carl is a genius, and hilarious to boot. His commitment that choice is possible everywhere and in all ways has fundamentally rewired my relationship to self, other selves and life itself. Doing so much practice in the weekends is also extremely helpful--not only to preparing students to do the work with others, but also in getting us more of what we ourselves want. And I love Michelle and Carla too!
    Kelly Notaras
    Book editor
  • Katharine Holland
    Instead of a weeping willow tee bowing at perceived criticisms or roadblocks, I am now a strong oak.
    Katharine Holland
    Artist & NLP Practitioner
  • Kari McNickle
    NLP Marin has had a profound impact on how I understand myself and the world around me. At its core, the NLP Marin training offers a deep acceptance of exactly who you are right now and respect for how you were formed, while still holding limitless, supported space for you to grow and change. This understanding of "more, and also enough" underpins every interaction that I have now. The tools and tactics learned have allowed me to build strong relationships in both my personal and professional life, and also how to push for more in the most respectful way possible.
    Kari McNickle
    Communications & Marketing Professional
  • Julie Gieseke
    One of the best choices I made for my personal growth.
    Julie Gieseke
  • Josh Alexander
    In my 20 years of seeking out the most effective ways to create positive change both in my life and the lives of those I work with, NLP Marin remains the best toolkit I've found. It's also the most complete I've found, and once you learn it you can spot the gaps in other approaches.
    Josh Alexander
    Transformational Coach
  • Jonathan
    I'm so much happier with myself and my life after going through NLP Marin. The classes start simple, but by the time you get to Masters, the world occurs differently. Much recommended!
    Partner, HolacracyOne
  • John K.
    The training demystified the nature of human relating. It answers the question "why did they do that", making it easier to work with and understand the crazy stuff people do and how to interact with them powerfully. As an additional benefit, I found understanding the technology allows me to get unstuck as I encounter new situations where I would normally freeze.
    John K.
    Small business owner
  • Jim Benster
    Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic." (Arthur C. Clark) The technology that has been developed by Carl Buchheit and his marvelous colleagues at NLP Marin is of such high quality and reach that it sometimes appears magical to me, even though I've been trained in all of it and have experienced its effects in my own personal life. It is a gift to humanity as well as to those who experience it directly. I recommend it to anyone who has an understanding that "...the Truth shall set you free"... for you will encounter truths about yourself, others, and life itself that is unparalleled, in my experience. And this journey has, indeed, freed me in so many ways. Thank you, Carl Buchheit and NLP Marin!
    Jim Benster
    Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer & Spiritual Warrior
  • Jessie
    NLP was the first step that I took as an adult on my path of growing and learning about myself. It opened my mind to new possibilities for my life.
    Graphic Designer
  •  Jess L. Roat
    If you're interested in NLP, you must try NLP Marin. It is a thorough, respectable program.
    Jess L. Roat
  • Jennifer Russell
    If this quality of NLP training was a required course for all of us, as part of the curriculum of life, we'd all know more about what it means to be human, how to change our lives for the better, and how to get along and understand each other...I'd like to live in that world and this course feels like an important step along the way.
    Jennifer Russell
    Facilitator, Speaker, and Coach
  • Jeff Lehman
    It has been life changing for me.
    Jeff Lehman
    NLP Practitioner
  • Janet Standen
    I was inspired by the people, and felt they provided a safe space for each of us to get to know the others on the course well and explore ourselves and others at a thoughtful and thought provoking level - My objective was to come away with a new level of understanding of other people and how to read them better, get them to open up more.
    Janet Standen
    Brand Strategist and Qualitative Researcher
  • Jacquie Duncan
    All the trainings I have taken have been engaging and full of interesting material to learn and reflect on. I love the interactive practices and the TAs are sweet and helpful. I especially love the humor that the teachers bring to each session. I look forward to continuing my education and practice with NLP Marin.
    Jacquie Duncan
    Executive Coach
  • Isis Wilkinson Bertagnoli
    I love NLP Marin! Communication is my passion and NLP Marin has shown me multiple tools that I utilize on a daily basis to be a better communicator by listening.
    Isis Wilkinson Bertagnoli
    Director of Business Development and Partnerships
  • Helen C Patterson
    I think Carl is this era's Erik Erikson and an opportunity to study with him, priceless. He is the most 'authentic' person I've ever met. I'm sorry life circumstances didn't permit me to go back and start with Foundations and forward. Now, I want to leave California more than I want to do the course, facing the reality of finances and age.
    Helen C Patterson
    Ph.D., clinical psychologist
  • Harry Portolos
    I use NLP daily as a teacher. Many of my students consider me the best teacher they have ever had. Some thank me for changing their lives. Most face life with greater optimism and treat others with greater caring and respect. I am pretty sure I am one of the very few the professors that gets a standing ovation at the end of the course. My ratings from students are considered "off the charts."
    Harry Portolos
    Lecturer and Adjunct Professor
  • Guy Jara
    Continually asking "what we would have to presume as being true in order for this person's experience to make sense," he has created a lineage of healing and transformation that is incredibly impactful, and unlike anything else of which I am aware.
    Guy Jara
    IT Technical Manager
  • Gary D. Salyer
    Simply put, NLP Marin offers the best NLP training on the planet. Its depth and breadth of training cannot be matched. It will transform your life and, if you are a coach or therapist, it will enable you to create transformations with clients with much greater depth and ease.
    Gary D. Salyer
  • Garry Street
    Carl and Michelle are exceptional at what they do. After learning NLP Marin this took my coaching to another level. Very grateful to have learned this.
    Garry Street
  • Garik Goodell
    NLP Marin has fostered an amazing community to grow and become more of yourself in an amazing way! I deeply value my experience!!
    Garik Goodell
  • Gail Brown
    Again, words fail me, but my life is better at home; everything I continue to learn has more resonance, more connections, more ways to fit it all together.
    Gail Brown
    retired teacher
  • Elizabeth Cruz
    NLP Marin is unlike any other transformational organization I have attended. There is real heart, real caring and real love for your students. You really want your students to have what they truly want. I love NLP Marin. Good work. Love you guys.
    Elizabeth Cruz
    Founder of Dauntless Men
  • Dr. Barbara Birsinger
    I am so grateful to have had, and continue to have, the honor, privilege and opportunity to be a student and mentee of Dr. Carl Buchheit, a true genius and Master Trainer, as well as the incredibly talented, gifted and experienced Trainers alongside of Carl, Michelle Masters and Carla Camou. There are not enough words to express the amount of appreciation that I feel for the creators of this organization and the dedication and care that goes into every single class, every single time. And, because of Carl's and the entire Training Team's ability to hold the most difficult of life circumstances in a place of safety and respect, while finding the humor in the humanity of it all, I've been motivated to return for nearly a decade as a student and a TA. And now my daughter has completed the highest level trainings and is a new generation TA, together with me! The NLP Marin Trainings are brilliant AND hilarious! And, why not? Fun, fun, fun, in that order, except for all the pain all the time (Inside joke, seriously!)
    Dr. Barbara Birsinger
    Owner Energetics of Eating, LLC and Academy
  • Diana Knight
    I use my NLP learning every day in our business, working with our employees and also with myself and out in the world. One time I helped someone decide whether to move to Seattle or stay here while I was in the checkout line at Trader Joe's by having him do an NLP exercise (future pacing).
    Diana Knight
  • Dave Conley
    The instructors, staff, and volunteers give a gift that has improved my vocation, relationships, community, and world. Mostly NLP Marin has given me the tools, resources, and happiness that has improved myself beyond anything I could imagine.
    Dave Conley
    Health and Wellness Professional
  • Daphne Peterson
    Since taking classes at NLP Marin I have experienced deep, long-lasting changes that can only be described as amazing.
    Daphne Peterson
    Broker, Investor, Entrepreneur
  • Craig Craddock
    Thank you for offering a new psychology, which inspires me, just reading about it and viewing a few of your videos.
    Craig Craddock
    Retail sales, Natural Food Coop
  • Chris Pessy
    So much respect for all the love around the classes.
    Chris Pessy
    Senior Mortgage Banker-Broker Presidents Club
  • Cecilia L.
    Carl, Carla and Michelle have done such a beautiful job at providing their own spin on the way they provide training. They bring so many unique insights from their personal experience to the trainings while complimenting each other instead of the robotic-by the book-this is how you do it the right way- kind of approach. The tools I've learned have given me the opportunity to create my own business which I never thought I'd be able to do. But more importantly, the space that each of the trainers and TA's holds is so precious and going through the NLPMarin program was truly one of the first times in my life that I felt safe being vulnerable and seen. This has since allowed me to create a safe space for my clients and makes me feel confident in the change-work that I'm providing.
    Cecilia L.
    Executive Coach
  • Bill Cordingley
    NLP Marin really lives up to the promise. It's truly an exceptional path of personal change for anyone wanting to shift the trajectory of their life away from pain and suffering and toward much more of what they want.
    Bill Cordingley
  • Betsy Gornet
    NLP Marin offered me the opportunity to test and push the edges of all my assumptions, interpretations, beliefs, and rules I've had about the world, others, and myself. And in that journey, I've had the opportunity, in my own way and in my own time, to discover, explore, try on, develop, resolve, renew, and emerge in ways of thinking, feeling, and being that I never would have imagined absent the opportunity I found in NLP Marin classes. The experienced and talented trainers (who are also veteran practitioners) have this unique and special way of honoring each person in the class, respecting where they are, holding the preciousness of their experience, no matter what. Even if I was resistant to what they were offering, or confused and lost about something, the trainers showed patience with a knowing and open heart. The group of teacher assistants that dedicate hours and hours to support the students over time is a gift offered to each class. I've learned from each one of the TAs I've come to know over the years. They take this stance of "we are all teachers and we are all students" and it's such a beautiful thing to experience. The TAs guided me, supported my learning, served as a sounding board, and held a space for me - even when I wasn't aware of it at the time -- for my learning journey. I'd also say that the students who find themselves in these classes, no matter what their history or background, seem to create an accepting community that offers a connection that I've never experienced anywhere else. Perhaps it is the deeper common experience of personal change work that connects us all, or just perhaps the openness to learning that drew us all there in the first place. Whatever it is, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.
    Betsy Gornet
    Coach, Consultant
  • Beth Barany
    NLP Marin training has helped me understand myself better so that I can better help my clients. It also gives me a practical and adaptable toolkit and process I can use to create the change I want, anytime I want. So cool!
    Beth Barany
    Speaker/Teacher for Writers and Novelist
  • Bahgu Hinit
    Through this training, I personally have gained many insights of myself/family/professional life that has changed the directory of my life for the better.
    Bahgu Hinit
    NLP Practitioner & Investor
  • Ariel Gubkin
    These studies in this school are the biggest act of love I can give myself, and the main reason for me to be based in USA.
    Ariel Gubkin
    NLP Practitioner
  • Alvaro Dominguez
    NLP Marin makes a big promise to help people better understand ourselves as human beings and you improve our relationship with ourselves and the world at large... and they deliver.
    Alvaro Dominguez
  • Ali Schultz
    NLP Marin gives you the manual on being human that we all need to make great sense of life and our relationship to it. This is the most complete and most necessary program for anyone in a coaching, change-work or therapeutic profession. Or, really, for anyone that lives and works with other humans. We require all of our coaches to complete Foundations through Masters, at the very least, and strongly encourage them to take the whole NLP Marin curriculum.
    Ali Schultz
    COO of
  • Anonymous
    Words cannot convey the depth of my gratitude and appreciation for Carl, Michelle and the NLP Marin community.
  • Anonymous
    My life has completely changed in every area, because I have completely changed.
  • Anonymous
    Across all measures, the world-class Transformational NLP Marin Training Center has to be THE BEST on the planet--most experienced, most knowledgable of the history and the attention to the lasting, and often quantum transformation of behaviors and the belief and identity structures that hold them in place. There is an unwavering attention to rapport-building and safety, allowing students to go with respect, to places of unknown territory, and be able to make significant shifts in their unwanted present experience and have a felt sense of what it is like to step into their desired state in life, and experience the next level of change that takes them to new and even better experiences.
  • Anonymous
    I can only describe it as an incredibly deep "coming home" to self; which has enabled a deep rapport with others and most importantly, life.
  • Anonymous
    Life now flows so much more easily and everything feels like a beautiful co-creation with life- business, relationships, health, finances...
  • Anonymous
    After a few months of treatment, I thought, "Change shouldn't be this fun? Or could it? It is. Wow." With Carl the word "breakthough" became a regular part of my vocabulary. So much so that I joined his NLP classes so I would have buddies to talk about these aha moments with. Seriously! Carl's unique version of Transformational Neuro-linguistics Programming (NLP) allowed me to put my past in the past - where it belongs. And to Carl I say a heartfelt thank you.
  • Anonymous
    Rising up from a childhood of neglect, I did more than my fair share of crying in a therapist's office. I was stuck in familiar, extremely painful and unwanted behaviors that did not serve me well. Relentlessly seeking relief, I tried more and more alternative therapies - even seeking help from a Peruvian Medicine woman! I wound up at Carl's door wondering what NLP was about and if it could it help? The answer was an overwhelming - YES.
  • Anonymous
    My mother gave me life. Carl gave me a life worth living.
  • Anonymous
    While the tools and skills I have learned through NLP Marin have been invaluable, it is the complete change in life stance, and releasing and healing my conscious and unconscious pain and patterning, and finding a deep appreciation for all the different aspects of me and my whole life journey that has been truly invaluable.
  • Anonymous
    My NLP training at NLP Marin has deeply expanded my ability to understand and map the terrain of people's inner landscape while lovingly helping them to guide themselves to having the life they always wanted. This NLP training has helped me do this with a level of sophistication and grace that I am so thankful for and taught us to do this while keeping their sense of empowerment in tact and strengthened.
  • Anonymous
    I have been able to bring Transformational NLP to my work with individuals with very entrenched eating and weight-related behaviors that have plagued them for most of their life, and they can't wait to come back for more, because it works elegantly, and it feels great! I just had a client, a VP of Marketing in a multi-national corporation, say to me: "You are a genius...You should get a Nobel Peace Prize for all Womankind"--I'll take credit for the delivery, but that was all NLP Marin!
  • Anonymous
    Learning NLP at NLP Marin is one of the best things that I have done. It was a fun learning experience in an extremely supportive and compassionate environment. I love Carl, Michelle, Carla and the support staff at NLP Marin.
  • Anonymous
    My clients have benefited from the work as well. It has created a much deeper connection and understanding that opens them up to explore their lives much more deeply and directly in a positive and safe way. It is wonderful to see the epiphanies light up and the excitement of experiencing new ways to overcome what has been holding them back.
  • Anonymous
    My relationships with the world has shifted to a much broader loving, wise, understanding, curious, confident, and encompassing connection with others as well.
  • Anonymous
    I have also become much more connected, and compassionate with myself. It feels good not to be hard on myself and to laugh easily every day! My creative process is flowing again which brings so much joy!


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