Registration Information


The easiest way to register is through the forms on this website using your credit card. You may also send us a check or money order at the address at the bottom of the page, indicating what course you are registering for. If you have any questions about the registration process, just drop us an email or call us!


Our courses are very favorably priced when compared on a per class-hour basis with other programs. Tuition and payment plans, along with the dates and locations of the courses are available on the schedule.

Unlike many training schools, our classes don’t get more expensive as the material becomes more advanced. Your payments may be larger at times because of the payment plan you choose, or because of the payment structure for the class. In general, the faster you pay, the more you save!


We are always happy to discuss our pricing options with you. Should you find it a challenge to afford the tuition even with our payment plans, please ask us about work-trade scholarships that might be available.

Our work-trade scholarships usually take the form of student staff positions that the work trade student performs during the weekends of the training(s) that they are attending. The standard options are detailed below; please start by reading through these. (Please note: we have no full scholarships available.)

Registrar – The major responsibility to this position is to take payments from the students. People in this position work together to setup and breakdown the training room: chairs, backdrop, flip charts, etc., and to run the registration table, signing people in when they arrive, getting paperwork signed, and passing out papers, etc. This position grants a 33% discount on tuition.

Logistics Support – This person is responsible for scanning and transmitting materials and documents to the office at the end of the weekend (we’ll show you how). They also help with setup and breakdown, as well as pitching in here and there where needed, and keeping a general eye on the needs of the people and things in the room. This position grants a 20% discount on tuition.

Audio-Video Worker – This is a very important position with a lot of responsibility. The AV person goes to the NLP Marin office, picks up all the gear and materials for the training and takes it to the training location. While other staff prepares the room and the registration table, the AV person sets up the sound and camera gear and gets it ready to go. During class, they make sure the class discussions and demonstrations get recorded and sound in the room is clear. The person takes charge of the security of the equipment until they take it back to the office at the end of the training weekend. We’ll train you on the setup and operation, but you must feel comfortable with technical equipment, have a reliable vehicle, and a track record of being consistently on time. This position grants a 40% discount on tuition.

There are other things you will need to know before accepting a work trade position at NLP Marin (such as tax implications and attendance requirements) and we would discuss those with you before any agreement is made. There are also some other benefits, such as becoming qualified for additional work-trade projects (which can earn you even more tuition credit), and receiving additional course materials free of charge.

To inquire about the availability of a work-trade scholarship in an upcoming training, please contact us. These positions usually fill up fast, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Tuition Refunds

Deposits are nonrefundable but, in most cases, are fully transferable to a future NLP Marin training.

Tuition is not refundable after the guarantee window, but can be applied to future trainings, or transferred to the next training course if you have to reschedule.

Our Practitioner Course Guarantee

We are so sure you will value what you learn in the NLP practitioner courses, that we make the following guarantee:

If after you register for and attend either:

  • the first two weekends (7 days) of the Core Competencies training, or
  • the first module (5 days) of the Intensive NLP Training Course (ITC)

And you are dissatisfied with the training, simply turn in your training manual before you leave, and we will return your tuition paid with no hassle.

Partial Attendance

When you enroll in a training, you agree to pay for the entire training unless you formally withdraw. Should you have to miss a day or weekend, we will send you video links so you can review what you missed. You will also be entitled to attend the weekend of the class you missed at a future date for no extra charge.

Looking for training dates, locations, etc? See the NLP Marin Schedule