Meet The Team


NLP Marin was founded in 1993 by Carl Buchheit and Bob Hoffmeyer. Carl and Bob began their first NLP Practitioner course in February 1994 with 23 students. They brought a wealth of experience to the venture. Together they had more than 50 years’ experience assisting people change, grow, and create a more satisfying and fulfilling experience of life.


In 2006, Bob retired from NLP Marin to pursue his passion in jewelry making. We are grateful for his many contributions. The NLP Marin trainings have continued to grow and evolve. For over 25 years, we have continued our tradition of delivering the world’s finest NLP with Carl Buchheit leading the way and many fantastic teachers, teaching assistants, staff, and students joining us for the journey.

Carl Buchheit, Ph.D.

NLP Marin Co-Founder, Training Director, Author

For over 40 years, Carl has practiced, taught, and extended the technology now known as Transformational NLP. Carl trains from the heart, backed with a brilliant intellect, insatiable curiosity, and unconventional humor. The result is a fun-filled learning experience where all aspects of the students and their lives are welcomed and included. He challenges his students to explore themselves, the world, and life in a way that respects and uplifts everyone.

Carl has been involved in NLP since the mid-1970s. He is certainly one of the finest practitioners of NLP in the world, and quite possibly the busiest.

At the beginning of his career, Carl trained with Leslie Cameron-Bandler, the co-developer of NLP who was acknowledged for having added heart to the newly evolving technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Carl’s main early influence was the mentoring of Jonathan Rice, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who was the first to include the methods, techniques, and tools of NLP within a larger professional perspective. Carl continues to learn, and integrate what he learns, from everyone he encounters. His ongoing, intense private practice with clients keeps what he presents fresh and alive. You can schedule a session with him at or by contacting his assistant, Julie Christine, at (415) 302-7429 or by email.

Carla Camou

NLP Trainer, Constellation Facilitator, Training Manager

Carla Camou has been involved in NLP for over 30 years. She has worked with hundreds of students and clients across the globe who are wanting personal change and/or wanting to facilitate change in the lives of others. At NLP Marin, Carla trains students and training assistants—creating a special space for accelerated and joyful learning.

The premise for Carla’s work is a deep respect for the individual’s experience, and a full embracing of the strength they already have, to generate new experience. The result is an elegant change that enriches the client’s precious journey called life—at work, at home, in relation to others, and in all matters of the heart.

Carla also works alongside Carl Buchheit in continually refining and evolving the body of work known as Transformational NLP. As a training designer, she has the profound ability to make skills that seem magical to most, accessible to the many. This is clearly exemplified in our signature training which Carla co-designed and co-teaches: Holographic NLP, Beyond Blame & Shame (BBS), and Beyond Guilt & Innocence (BGI).

For many years, Carla also learned from and worked with Jonathan Rice, PhD—a clinical psychologist who was the first to include the methods, techniques, and tools of NLP within a larger professional context. Jonathan Rice was also Carl Buchheit’s main teacher. As NLP Marin’s forefather, Jonathan laid the distinct foundations from which our brilliant body of work has evolved.

Carla also has her private practice in Seattle, WA, where she holds private consultations, group training, and constellations. You can schedule a session with her at

Meet The Office

Trainers Emerita

Michelle Masters

Michelle was in the second training that NLP Marin offered in 1994. In 1995, Michelle joined the staff of NLP Marin, bringing with her a wealth of outside experience. As a Trainer, she has a brilliant, warm, sensitive and down-to-earth way of bringing NLP to life for each of the students, while supporting a safe and nurturing environment for everyone.

Utilizing her 20 years of NLP trainer and practitioner experience and learning, Michelle has created new courses to address some of the most common issues our students face. Her “Money Magic” course continues to be a life-changing event for many people worldwide.

The NLP Marin “Understanding Family Constellations” course is also her brainchild and gives participants from all walks of life access to–and training in–this incredible body of work.

In addition to her work with NLP Marin, Michelle has an active NLP practice (, working with individuals and groups in Sebastopol and teaches online and internationally with clients in North and South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

Linda Blong, Ph.D.

Dr. Linda Blong has been involved with NLP Marin for over 17 years before joining the training team as a teacher and training manager on all our certification and transformational workshops. Linda has been an integral part of the training team, delivering our trainings both in the Bay Area and in Australia, co-teaching alongside Carl Buchheit and Carla Camou. Linda is particularly interested in observing and shifting patterns of communication to enable change. This communication perspective is infused into her work as practitioner of transformational NLP and helps to shape her approach to training around the NLP Toolbox.

Linda holds a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems and has lead special projects for the California Department of Education for close to 20 years. She also served in the capacity of Faculty Chair at Kansas State University and as a senior consultant in the Public Dialogue Consortium.

In addition to her work with NLP Marin, Linda has an active NLP practice. You can schedule a session by sending Linda an e-mail or sending a text to (707) 364-7710.