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Our Core Purpose


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"The purpose of all NLP Marin classes is for everyone to have as much fun as possible while transforming their relationship with themselves, with other-selves, and with Life itself, and to prepare all of us for the experience of enduring happiness."

Our Core Values

  • Removing limitations and attachment to Suffering.
  • Opening doorways to possibilities and happiness.
  • Letting people be who they are without being wrong for it.
  • Inspiration and excitement about the future.
  • Allowing the imagination to work for us, rather than against us, in the most glorious ways possible.

What We Do

We provide education and experience that support the conscious growth of everyone in our community and beyond. We are internationally known and sought-after leaders in the innovation and transmission of original, contemporary teachings and applications.

Why We Do It

NLP Marin respects and applauds the entire endeavor that is called “Being Human.” We value an unwavering, continually playful commitment to uncovering and disclosing whatever allows life to be fun and rewarding – for ourselves and everyone who chooses to participate with us.