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Your Learning Pathway


We invite you to use your training experience as a truly alive part of your living with all that that entails. You are welcome to go as deep as you would like, and to explore your experience as profoundly as you have the interest and courage to do.

NLP truly serves those people who want to learn to live in and work with the world more peacefully, fruitfully, and respectfully than ever before. Our courses focus on enabling you to engage in a powerful, self-discovered, graceful art of creating a new relationship with yourself.

How we categorize our trainings:
  • Transformational Workshops
  • NLP Certification
    (including Holographic NLP)
  • Constellation Training
  • Experiential Talks (live & video)

Our NLP Certification path (including Holographic NLP) are a set of courses done sequentially, as each course builds upon the next, taking you from developing core skills, masters-level skills, and into the realms of ‘magic’.

Many of our students who are on the certification track also enroll in our Transformational Workshops, undertaking them prior to or concurrently. This serves to augment their experience working with themselves and others while generating lasting changes in their lives. You are also welcome to enroll in our transformational workshops whether you are pursuing certification or not.

Experiential talks are a great way to spend a few hours learning about aspects of the NLP Marin curriculum and experiencing them for yourself with a lesser time commitment and involvement than our NLP certification courses. Those who are new to NLP Marin and those who are alumni of NLP Marin find these talks a great way to taste-test our curriculum or to discover what new innovations our training director Carl Buchheit is 'beaming' in.

What Would You Like?