This series of four classes is about absolutely ending the fight with yourself and about creating a respectful, loving relationship with yourself, your world, and your future.

These are not NLP classes and you do not need to have any prior experience with NLP to join. That said, each class in the series is informed by the unique perspectives and tools of Transformational NLP and draws together all the key themes from our most advanced certification courses such as Holographic NLP.

Carl Buchheit calls the Rapport With Self series, “Essential knowledge for being human.”

If you're looking for the place to start (or re-start) your transformational journey, then we look forward to welcoming you into our Rapport With Self series.


If you ever wondered how things get so stuck and immovable in your life, and if you ever practiced the Law of Attraction or the Art of Manifestation with little to show for all your efforts, this course will illuminate how the gears haven’t clicked together quite yet.

In this two-day course, taught by Carl Buchheit and Carla Camou, you will learn our unique process for getting unstuck, easing out of judgement, stopping shame loops, and transforming internal resistance.

You will also:

  • Learn a “maneuver of consciousness” that makes it easy and desirable to immediately cease to turn against yourself
  • Learn our process for easily and elegantly creating treasured outcomes in your life
  • Find real peace with any of your shortcomings, past failures, doubts about who you really are, and fear about the future
  • Discover how to let it be okay for things to be okay
  • Bring any experience or outcome you want to work on (romantic relationships, success, career, family, personal purpose, self-image, etc)
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In this 2 day course, taught by Carl Buchheit and Carla Camou, you will loosen the compelling, seductive restraints of “needing to be right,” “insisting on justice,” “overgiving,” and “placating,” so that you can experience more belonging and love, as well as joyful connection — with others, yourself, and with life itself.

You will also:

  • Learn about the adverse effects that guilt, shame, and innocence have on your well-being — and why they distort your capacity to receive increasing amounts of “good” in life
  • Discover an alternate life stance that offers a more workable space from which you can achieve and express your life’s true purpose.
  • Dissolve the illusive veils that inhibit your capacity to connect with others in life
  • Discover how to receive the connection with others (that has always been there for the taking)
  • Experience the life-enhancing stance of 'Rapport with Self' so that your relationship with yourself grows and flourishes regardless of what happens externally
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How is it that in so many matters of the heart, we find ourselves in isolation, loss, bewilderment, and in pain?

In this 6-day (2 x 3-day weekends) course, taught by Carl Buchheit and Carla Camou, you will learn how attachment patterns impact all your relationships. Not just your intimate, familial, and professional ones, but the eternal relationship you have with yourself.

In CSA, you will gain the essential foundations to create more secure, fulfilling forms of love and connection in your life, with intimate partners, friends, and colleagues (including superiors).

You will also:

  • Uncover precisely how you “attract, select, and attach” in all contexts requiring human connection: friends, partners, family, and colleagues
  • Experience “secure attachment” first-hand through custom-designed exercises, including behaviors, core beliefs, and identity
  • Strengthen your capacity to generate security and trust from within
  • Demystify any struggles you have had to find and sustain intimate love
  • Develop greater self-confidence about who you are and that which you do in life
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In this 4-day course (2 x 2-day weekends), taught by Carl Buchheit and Carla Camou, you will learn how to release yourself from the terrible trances called "not worthy, "all my fault,” "better than," and "all your fault," and discover a workable pathway to greater self-trust, well-being, hope, and empowerment.

This course is vital for those who wish to have empowered relationships with parents, partners, and bosses, and is essential for practitioners looking to skillfully support their clients through tricky relational dynamics.

In BBS, you will also:

  • Explore the patterning of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) as a basis to transform the shame, blame, self-doubt, abandonment, and betrayal that sits painfully at the center of most of our lives
  • Create and maintain clear boundaries and interact with partners, parents, and bosses with greater ease
  • Stabilize a positive sense of self
  • With our signature non-pathologizing teaching style and interactive exercises, deepen your appreciation for how we all feel, love, and act
  • Find relief and peace with painful experiences you have had in life, especially in relation to those who have been most mysteriously bewildering, painful, and hurtful
  • Increase your capacity to endure ever-increasing doses of happiness in your life
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