Empath Skills 101

An Evening with Carla from April 2020

How to Stay Functional During a Crisis

Most people have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person or group of people. This is often a conscious choice: we choose to “put ourselves in their shoes,” so to speak.

If you are someone who does this automatically, being around people in distress can be very difficult. Being able to have some choice can make all the difference in your level of stress and how you navigate your world.

This class is designed to help people without choice begin to have some awareness of what they are picking up from the general world, have a sense of how they are doing it, and begin to build in some choice about how much of other people’s experiences they feel at any given time.

Carla goes over some of the common difficulties involved in being wired this way, and some of the ways we can manage these experiences. These are easy to learn exercises that will continue to grow in you as you practice them.

Carla also discusses how to reset yourself if you have become overwhelmed and how to rebuild your emotional strength even during difficult times. These are must-have life skills.

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Thoughts and Feelings That Have a Life of Their Own: How to Design a God

An Evening with Carl from October 2018

This 2-hour talk will stretch your thinking, illuminate another important aspect about the nature of your experiences (unwanted and desired), and assist you to re-design the rules that govern your current experience.

The subtitle for this evening, "How to Design a God," pretty much says it. We are all of us well-marinated in the idea of "The Law of Attraction." And, you might also be familiar with the idea that "Thoughts Are Things."

However, these concepts and frames were not discovered in the 1970's. These ideas can easily be tracked back into 19th century American "New Thought." Some of their popular formulations are coming up on about their 200th anniversary in print.

There are some closely related ideas with ancient origins, ideas about thoughts that become things, and that even become autonomous beings-beings that have intimate and often influential relationships with the thinkers of the thoughts that create and sustain them.

... Of course, the thinkers are us, but who, or what, are the beings we have created?
... How do our connections with them affect our connections with ourselves and others, and with Life itself?
... It is perhaps time to have some additional thoughts, perhaps even some new ones, so to speak.
.... What would we like?

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Free Will and Freeing Will: How Much Positive Can You Handle Being Doomed To?

An Evening with Carl from October 2017

During this talk, Carl explores the human inclination to confine ourselves within whatever “good enough” and “free enough” boundaries of possibility and belonging we have gotten ourselves used to. In Carl's words:

"A personal Will that is too broad or too free brings on negative sensations and any number of the unpleasant, unconscious internal pictures that give rise to them.

But, on the other side of the scale, an experience of personal Will that is too compliant or constrained has pretty much the same, seemingly unpleasant effects on how we feel in our lives and our relationships.

So, we all tend to live in a private “Goldilocks Zone” where things are “just right” even though they could or should be lots, lots better."

In this talk, Carl will take you through a journey of freeing your Will, so that new possibilities will open without over-turning good order and good connections in your life.

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That Which Cannot Be Distorted: Our Ultimate Resource State?

An Evening with Carl from July 2017

In this seminar Carl shares a pleasant and insightful discovery from constellations facilitation.

The full transformative 90-minute video explores a fascinating resource, and the presence of which assists us all to be in rapport with our-selves and our experiences. Furthermore, such a resource does not seek to add, remove, or disrupt 'What Is'.

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Beyond Guilt and Innocence

An Evening with Carl from April 2017

As humans we are always maneuvering with and manipulating about guilt and innocence. This is entirely natural and understandable in the normal world. Guilt feels bad, and is thought to mean negative things, and innocence feels good and it goes with positive sensations of relief, safety and belonging. To be guilty is bad and to be innocent is good is the usual, speed-of-daily-life impression of it all, but this is not accurate.

What Carl has observed is this:

"Both Guilt and Innocence are toxic, pernicious and destructive life stances.When we use them as metrics to assess, assist or assert the validity of our experience, or to diminish the validity of another’s experience or condition, we destroy all well-being for everyone, including ourselves, wherever we are. There has to be a better way!"

That better way will be revealed in this video. One that leads to a naturally reliable and joyful basis for ease-full, continuing learning throughout our lives--and probably after them too.

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Identity, Neurophysiology, and Functional Faith

An Evening with Carl from June 2014

How can we apply the latest in neuroscience to our approach to personal change? In this engaging and enlightening 65-minute talk, Carl shows us an updated paradigm of neural development, and illuminates how we can it put it to work for us to make our lives increasingly better over time.

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The Universe as a Bottom-Up Neural Net

An Evening with Carl from April 2013

In this enlightening and entertaining seminar Carl Buchheit, co-founder for NLP Marin, demonstrates the concept of “the Universe as a mirroring Universe” and how this sometimes cause hilarious and heartbreaking consequences.

The full transformative 90-minute video explores how we get ourselves in trouble by moving against such a Universe and how to harness and create with a new perspective on learning. With penetrating insight and unparalleled wisdom and silly jokes Carl sheds new light for all of us that wish create more of what we want without resistance.

The video that Carl describes as our 'Revelation' can be viewed here.

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