Understanding Family Constellations

Understanding Family Constellations

... How can you love someone you’ve never met?

... What do you do with anger that won’t move?

... How could a murderer be an asset?

These are just some of the mysteries we are working with when we are dealing with family systems. Whether you are wanting to facilitate family constellations or just wanting to better understand your place in the many systems you are part of and have a deeper experience of belonging, this class will immerse you in the workings of constellations and let you feel them at work in yourself and others. Facilitated by Michelle Masters, this 3 x 3-day weekend (9 days in total) course is for everyone and there are no prerequisites to undertake this course.

No NLP experience is necessary to benefit from this class. “Understanding Family Constellations” is open to all, including people who may have been trained by other facilitators and are seeking to broaden their experience by learning other styles and insights. If you are fascinated with the healing and therapeutic possibilities of constellations, this is an essential class.


What Our Students Have to Say

  • Kim Hagan
    The combination of classes and my sessions with Carl truly helped me to let go of holding onto suffering and fear and to realize and see that I am already free and safe just as I am. To rest in the peace and joy if not having to do or fix anything and to just allow myself to be just as I am, and to feel REALLY good about that! They helped me to allow myself to accept my own free will as a birthright that we all have and to rest in freedom of being able to choose again and again! The magic of constellations and holo combined with the basis change Work has helped me beyond words!
    Kim Hagan
  • Kurt Luoto
    Carl and the staff at NLP Marin are consummate instructors of NLP and related subjects, delivering the material with grace, warmth, and good humor. They draw not only upon traditional NLP practice, but also upon cutting edge techniques from complementary practices, such as the work of Bert Hellinger. They provide an experience that will change forever how you view the world, others, and especially yourself, and will give you a foundation for personal change that can improve every aspect of your life.
    Kurt Luoto
    PhD; mathematician and software developer.


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