Personal Change and NLP

NLP and Professional Success
January 9, 2009
NLP: What it is … and isn’t!
January 9, 2009

Personal Change and NLP

by Bob Hoffmeyer

First published in Marin Scope newspapers (2003)

In any life situation or activity, success requires competence in the talents and abilities unique to that situation. In every life situation or activity, success also requires a high level of competence in human relations skills and the ability to access and influence one's own internal states, beliefs, abilities, and resources.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a model for understanding human behavior. It is a fascinating exploration of how we marvelous creatures be ourselves. With the insights that emerge from participation in NLP courses, two significant things happen. First, we are better able to change ourselves in ways that we want. Our lives become more satisfying. We feel more fulfilled. Second, we are better able to understand, relate to, and work with others. Communication and connection are enhanced and our interactions become more satisfying and beneficial both for ourselves and for others.

As a model concerned with human behavior, NLP provides understanding and perspectives. As it is applied in life, NLP provides relationship skills and tools.

At its core, NLP is about understanding both how we human beings create meaning in life and the behavior we engage in as a result of that created meaning. Broadly stated, NLP's objective is to increase choices. NLP enables you to access the internal resources that are appropriate and necessary to make the desired choice and have the desired experience. NLP asserts that, within a very broad range, if something one desires as his or her experience is possible for anyone else, it is possible for that person as well. Where there was limitation, there can be new choice and new opportunity. Anywhere! Whatever you are doing! Whomever you are with! Whatever the context!

How the student of Neuro-Linguistic Programming uses their learning varies with the context of each student’s life. Essentially, however, using NLP is about enhancing relationship—starting with your relationship with yourself and extending to all of your personal and professional relationships.

In short, studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming is both a human relations skills course and a program of personal development. Learning new skills and developing oneself go hand in glove, and most often both are required for greater success.

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