Holographic NLP

Holographic NLP

“Holographic NLP” defines NLP Marin’s uniqueness. As the first series of courses (I and II) that we offer for post-Masters students, the purpose of “Holo” is to accelerate everyone from the realms of amazing learning and know-how (Foundations through Masters) all the way out to and into the domain of absolute magic.

The “Holo” class is an extraordinary experience not just because it allows students to continue to integrate everything they’ve already learned, but because this is the class where we fully move into the synergy of new material that is essential for 2012 and beyond.

In the “Holo” course, we use Masters-level, Marin-style NLP to catalyze a truly powerful integration and rapid, magical expansion of all that has come before. “Holographic NLP” is a synergistic integration of tools, presuppositions, and viewpoints drawn from NLP, NLP Marin, psychology, neuro-psychology, quantum physics, meta-physics, constellation work, ancient and modern spirituality, linguistics, neuro-physiology, morphogenics, applied epigenetics, and subtle-body energy work—all delivered through Carl’s utterly unique map of reality, lifetime of experience, and unusually twisted sense of humor.

To date, we currently offer 2 Holographic NLP courses. Holographic NLP I is the only pre-requisite to continue to Holographic NLP II.



Friend, not sure if you can relate, but many of our graduates who have completed the Holographic Curriculum audit the curriculum to continue to work on their outcomes in life and their life stance.

And, while we are renowned for spending a lot of time on completing our painful experiences by exploring some very “owie” frames, we all do it in the spirit of fun, growth, and learning.

“The purpose of all NLP Marin classes is for everyone to have as much fun as possible while transforming their relationship with themselves, with other-selves, and with Life itself, and to prepare all of us for the experience of *enduring happiness.”–Carl Buchheit

When Carl says, “enduring happiness”, he deliberated on the statement being a double entendre. That is, the experiencing of enduring happiness (a happiness that continues to sustain), and the experience of enduring happiness (to endure happiness).

As you probably already know, the famous question we often ask at NLP Marin is:

How Can We Feel Better About Things Feeling Better?

The answer? It is an ongoing process of choosing what we would like, taking what we are given, and choosing again etc.

And that’s exactly one of the reasons auditing Holographic NLP is useful. Especially since who we are is always in the process of becoming, and what we would like is an ongoing art of choosing. The ways in which we can be and select what we would like is a perpetuity.

Holographic NLP is much the same. And like a fractal, every time you zoom to a finer scale, you discover there are even finer scales to explore. Every year, Holographic NLP is run slightly differently, to accommodate for the wants and needs of our students, whether that is to:

  • Touch up on change pieces and exercises you may have missed in previous years.
  • Refine your acuity to affect change for yourself and for others.
  • Make what is already working well in your relationships, business, and finances … even better!
  • Innovate change pieces and techniques of your own.
  • Deepen your understanding of disturbing-yet-liberating frames that are so characteristic of NLP Marin trainings.
  • Connect and enjoy the company of like-minded peers who may become life-long friends, colleagues, and collaborators!

The above list is not exhaustive of course.

So, if you are thinking of auditing Holographic NLP I, we look forward to having you in our classrooms. And I’m sure the students who are taking Holographic NLP I for the first time will too!

We love having returning students. Students who audit (repeat the course) pay half price. Please contact us to get your 50% auditor’s discount.