Our Students

We offer remarkable learning, doing, practice, growth, and profound change — but it’s not for everyone.

What we and our students all have in common is a nearly instinctive drive to more thoroughly master the mysteries and opportunities of the human experience, and a desire to be part of a community of like-minded souls in the exploration of it.


Does this sound like you?

You are interested in lasting change.

You are willing to put in time and effort to encounter, try out, practice, and integrate a wealth of new skills, perspectives and understandings. You know that mastery takes practice, experience, and willingness to step into unknown territory .

You are a curious, enthusiastic learner and explorer

You want to know what really makes people tick. Or why people are so full of contradictions. Maybe you appreciate the ideas about “reaching for better feelings” and “creating your own reality,” but nobody has been able to show you how to actually do these things reliably.

You have considered the possibilities of how much better life could be

Where would you like to release limitation and experience new choice and opportunity?

How many of these life scenarios sound familiar?

You are looking for personal and professional change that goes beyond the ordinary.

You’ve done many programs and learned a lot – except that nothing has stayed with you, or developed as fully as you would have liked.

You know that the main requirement for a better, more fulfilling experience of life – personally or professionally – is your own internal change and you would like to find something that works and sticks.

You feel utterly bewildered by your own weirdly repeating negative experiences.

Are you shocked by your attachment to unnecessary suffering? Are you just stuck? Perhaps you’ve noticed a pattern in the less-than-wonderful events of your life…your bosses keep turning into your parent(s)…no matter where you work…or you keep getting into ultimately unworkable relationships in which the same dynamics are played out…again and again. Would you like to understand and take action about what is really going on in these situations—without having to attack or disrespect yourself or anyone else?

You are in transition.

Are you dealing with a career change, a divorce, or some other “insurmountable opportunity”? Perhaps you want to make sure that your next relationship, job, or other new identity is properly aligned with who you really are becoming?

You are seeking professional skill improvement.

You want to improve your ability on the job. This may involve leadership, a better ability to work with your coworkers or boss, increasing communication elegance and power, understanding of others’ perspectives, or similar human interaction capabilities.  You are seeking to integrate the communication and people skills of the NLP model into your existing profession.

You want to communicate more effectively and effortlessly in your professional life.

Perhaps you manage a team at work. Are you having trouble communicating with some of the players? Is giving feedback and requiring respect an excruciating experience? Do you want to lead more effective meetings?  Would you like to know how to resolve internal and external conflicts creatively and productively? How’s your comfort with making decisions? Would you like to easily understand, respect, and influence that so-very-different thinking of your colleagues, and do all of this while you flow with hidden organizational requirements and dynamics?

Do you sell anything (including your intelligence and ideas) to anyone?

Do you need to sell yourself (your personality) and your ideas to others? It isn’t just sales professionals who sell. Everybody who works with anyone needs to be able to influence the flow of thoughts and decisions. Would you like to learn everything you can about building rapport with different kinds of people and about how to elegantly, respectfully persuade people who have hugely different personalities?

You have a private professional practice — or want one.

You work with people as a therapist, health care professional, trainer, executive coach, consultant, or manager. Or you’re a holistic practitioner, hypnotherapist, body-based therapist, healer, or personal or somatic coach.

You are already doing your “work” and you skillfully participate to improve people’s lives, business organizations, and families. One way or another, you have heard about the contribution that NLP can make to anyone doing counseling, coaching, and healing work.

You’ve probably noticed that almost all the people doing amazing work have NLP in their bios and use it as a source technology. You want to contribute, to make the world a better place. Perhaps you’ve noticed our tagline: “Honoring what is…embracing what can be.” Looking at this website, you notice that our NLP Marin training is different from that of most NLP centers, and that we are known for putting heart back into “technology for change.”

You are one of those who know that a desire for personal growth and the drive for professional excellence are sourced from the same place.

You have depth and courage. You know that you can take your clients only as deep as you are willing to go yourself. You are able to manage your environment only as effectively as you can manage your own patterning and experience. You’ve attended personal growth workshops, bought books and audio products, and/or worked with a professional coach or therapist, yet you are still eager to persist and learn more. For you, if some remarkable know-how is good, then even more is even better.

To enjoy NLP Marin trainings, you have to:

Enjoy laughter and humor

You have to really like laughing. We spend a lot of time doing that. You have to know that we are on a “novelty planet.” You have to enjoy letting deep things be serious but not heavy. You have to like knowing that “light” does not equal “shallow.”

Celebrate curiosity

You must be unstoppably intrigued about how your mind works. Your curiosity must be aroused by questions like, “Who’s responsible for your experience, you or your brain?”

Demonstrate heart

You have to have, or be willing to develop, a deep appreciation for being human—with all that that experience entails.

Trust your intelligence and your desire to reach for life

We are not talking about IQ here, but about your desire to learn. In fact, you are committed to lifelong learning. If you’re not sure about this, it can be the first thing you learn.

Have dignity and courage

This is not a survey course. You will be actively creating change for yourself and others. To be direct about it, sometimes this will involve dealing with old fears. (Occasionally, we even manage to kick off entirely new fears!) We do ask a lot from our students. We ask for as much honesty as you can manage—honesty to look at what’s really there and to learn to stay creatively present with old patterns and emotions as these are changing right before your eyes.

We are certain that we have more fun than any other NLP center in the world, but we do ask a lot of our students. (And we give even more in return. This is our commitment.)

If this is you, join us for a workshop or training!