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  • Searching for the best NLP training in the world
  • Researching different modalities for growth and transformation
  • Looking to augment your existing therapeutic training
  • Beginning your educational journey in the science and art of healing
  • Wanting to be more successful and satisfied in your work-life
  • Finding your way to your next immersive personal growth experience as a life-long learner
  • Or a little bit of all of the above

    We invite you to explore our world-class curriculum here at NLP Marin!

Intensive Training Core (ITC)

Offered only once a year (and starting soon!) ITC offers the foundational tools and perspectives that move you beyond run-of-the-mill capability and into truly magnificent art and skill.

ITC students appreciate an immersive, fast-paced learning environment and are focused on personal as well as professional change.

ITC is an opportunity to learn the NLP Marin Core Competency toolkit as quickly as possible and fast-track into our Masters program.

In your 12 days over 3 months in ITC, you will learn and integrate how to create rapport and safety with anyone anywhere, anytime (including yourself); ask the right questions at the right times that cause stuck issues to spontaneously open toward positive resolution; work with storytelling and metaphor to respectfully access the unconscious mind; quickly revise painful, dysfunctional patterning; use elegant language patterns to facilitate deep change; practice in supervised study groups; and do your own highly personal change-work all amongst a like-hearted community.

ITC pairs well with any coaching program or therapeutic modality and stands very well on its own.

ITC is where you begin your certification in Transformational NLP. It begins Thursday, May 20th, 2021!

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Introduction to Transformational NLP Workshop

We welcome you to join us for a first-hand experience of our world-class curriculum, masterful trainers, unique learning environment, and a live demonstration of a Transformational NLP session.

You will learn and experience:

  • How change really works: what conditions and beliefs make it hard for us to change, and what makes change profoundly easier
  • What Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is, and why it works at such deep levels
  • How Transformational NLP can be so effective in bringing about lasting change (without having to try harder, overcome anything, or "think positive")
  • What current and former NLP Marin students and graduates say about their learning experience
  • How to take your first steps toward mastery in Transformational NLP in our upcoming flagship course, Intensive Training Core

Join us at our Intro Workshop on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021!

Join us for an Intro

Book a one-to-one conversation with us

To get your questions answered and help you determine which course is right for you, we invite you to set up a conversation with Jaimie Nguyen, NLP Marin’s Director of Enrollment.

Jaimie herself has taken every single one of NLP Marin’s classes, is a certified Transformational NLP practitioner, and spends her days speaking with hundreds of students embarking on the learning journey of a lifetime. She looks forward to connecting with you!

Meet with Jaimie

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We’ll also set you up with three audio NLP exercises, led by founder Carl Buchheit, that help you to:

  • Change your life experiences by choice, in the direction you want
  • Work with your brain to bring your goals and desires into reality with greater ease, less effort, and less struggle
  • Stay motivated to get what you want — without forcing yourself to remember to be or do anything different
  • Get clear on what you really want for your life, from the heart — without all the negative self-talk, doubt, or criticisms of others!

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What our graduates do with their Transformational NLP training:

“We require all of our coaches to complete Core through Masters, at the very least, and strongly to encourage them to take the whole Transformational NLP curriculum. NLP Marin offers the most complete and necessary program for anyone in a coaching, change-work, or therapeutic profession. Or really for anyone that lives and works with other humans. ”

Ali Schultz
COO of Reboot.io

“NLP Marin has changed my life. It allowed me to see myself more clearly and less judgmentally. Given this, I took the role of EVP at Samsung Electronics, where I will incorporate the Transformational NLP principles into leading large groups. It’s been so awesome. Thank you!!!!”

David Lee
EVP, Samsung Electronics

“Starting in the Core classes, I learned valuable skills, techniques, and concepts that I apply everyday in my personal life and in my work presentations. Some of the other NLP approaches I researched seemed manipulative and less sophisticated in comparison to NLP Marin’s curriculum. Transformational NLP offers a fascinating application of neuroscience in the context of great compassion.”

Start-up Consultant

"My clients would not be experiencing the remarkable progress they are now making without my NLP Master's experience. I have a lot of previous training as a therapist and coach: an M.A. in clinical psychology, a graduate of the Gestalt Institute, and additional psychological training in Reichian Therapy, neuroscience, and other modalities. It wasn't until I came to NLP Marin that I found a framework to put it all together with a clear map that I could make my own.”

Richard Friesen
CEO, Mind Muscles Academy

Here at NLP Marin ...

Coaches, counselors, therapists, and healers develop their confidence and competence, blend Transformational NLP with other modalities, and do their own highly personal change-work while learning world-class skills for masterful excellence in their fields.

Working professionals, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs learn how to communicate with ease, better manage and motivate others, hold the attention of groups, create more productive cohesive teams, and be a model for the vision they hold for the world.

Life-long learners emerge with more happiness, balance, and joy on their personal and spiritual growth journeys, as well as wonderful shifts in their own self-image, confidence, competence, and well-being. Many discover they have the desire and now training to start a private practice and offer transformational change-work with clients!

Wherever you are on your journey, we welcome you and look forward to connecting!

Wishing you all good things,

NLP Marin

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The purpose of all NLP Marin offerings is for everyone to have as much fun as possible while transforming their relationship with themselves, with other-selves and with life itself, and to prepare us all for the experience of enduring happiness.