Understanding Family Constellations Facilitator Training

Three 3-Day Weekends (Nine Days)
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day
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There are no prerequisites for this course.

Understanding Family Constellations

How can you love someone you’ve never met?

What do you do with anger that won’t move?

How could a murderer be an asset?

These are just some of the mysteries we are working with when we are dealing with family systems. Whether you are wanting to facilitate family constellations or just wanting to better understand your place in the many systems you are part of and have a deeper experience of belonging, this class will immerse you in the workings of constellations and let you feel them at work in yourself and others.  This course is for everyone, and we offer CEUs to licensed professionals.

Coaches, doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors and practitioners of all kinds can all benefit greatly from these tools and frames to work with their clients and patients. Also, for those who are looking for a deeper understanding of constellation work for any reason, including insight into their own family system, this three 3-day weekend course creates a deep and profound experiential knowledge of those often hidden tribal dynamics that so hugely impact all of our lives.

No NLP experience is necessary to benefit from this class. “Understanding Family Constellations” is open to all, including people who may have been trained by other facilitators and are seeking to broaden their experience by learning other styles and insights. If you are fascinated with the healing and therapeutic possibilities of constellations, this is an essential class.


I love teaching this class. Constellations can be very sad and difficult, but the miraculous healing power of love in them is so inspiring and humbling. It’s more than just a skills class- it’s a direct experience of our humanity.”  

Michelle Masters


Benefits of Understanding Family Constellations:

Although this highly participatory class is designed for creating more understanding of Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation work, rather than to heal students’ families, it often does allow huge, and sometimes unexpected, shifts in students themselves.

  • Firstly, the class is designed to give participants a solid grounding in the fundamentals of how constellation work is done. For participants who have chosen the facilitators’ track, there will be an opportunity to facilitate a constellation under the supervision of an experienced trainer and constellation leader.
  • Secondly, it provides an introduction to some of the more sophisticated understandings and stances which lend increased elegance and depth to the work. Students will learn how the orders of love operate and how people become entangled by unconscious rules of family belonging.
  • And finally, everyone will participate, either as a representative, a facilitator, or both, in many constellations and will therefore get to try these tools directly. This means participants will have many opportunities to participate in shifts in other peoples’ system as well as to experience shifts their own system.

Whether you want to learn how to facilitate constellations or you are intrigued and inspired by the profound depth and possibilities of the work and want an even more visceral experience of it, this class will help you to understand the underlying structure and poetry of constellation work and to find the places in you that respond to the energies of the field. This deep knowledge and resonance in you can in turn influence the energies of the systemic field in respectful and beneficial ways.

About the Facilitator:

Michelle Masters is an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner who has been working in the field of NLP since 1995 and has been working with constellations since the late 1990’s. Integrating the best of NLP, constellation work, and other quantum-based healing modalities is an ongoing focus of her work with students and clients. In this facilitation class, Michelle endeavors to give everyone a solid grounding in the understandings and techniques of facilitating, as well as helping each student to find a stance and style that works for them to be at their most effective and resourceful.


This training is Nine Days (Three 3-Day Weekends). Each weekend will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Friday. Class runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a lunch break from approximately 1 – 2:30 p.m. (The time frame is sometimes a little later or earlier depending on the flow of the day.) Students are expected to bring their own lunch or go out to a local restaurant. Tea, and hot and cold water are provided.

This class has informal study groups organized by students themselves and not facilitated by NLP Marin staff. Past students who have created and participated in these groups have found the camaraderie and ability to experiment with the formats invaluable.

We only offer one Facilitator Training per year.

Dates, location, and registration here