Supporting Individuation: Change Patterns for Missed Early Childhood Developmental Phases

NLP Marin is excited to introduce a new workshop for students and graduates of Masters and above! In this workshop, students will go through a series of change work pieces that will fill in the gaps you may not have completed from your childhood individuation process (paying close attention to developmental stages 3 years and under) and reinforce and support your organismic rights.

Do you experience challenge with asking for what you want? Difficulty in setting boundaries with others? Do you struggle with regulating your emotions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this may be a sign that some earlier stages of development were missed in your individuation process. In this workshop, we will revisit those stages that were missed, review the structure that got built in your first 3 years of life and connect you deeper to your rapport with Self.

Those who are fully individuated experience:

  • A solid sense of self at the center
  • Ability to reach inside for what they need
  • Clear boundaries that don’t feel like forced boundaries
  • Ability to ask for help
  • Ability to learn from others
  • Ability to make mistakes and incorporate feedback vs. failure model
  • Take feedback from their mistakes vs beating self up for not knowing better

This workshop is created and facilitated by Carla Camou.

Individuation is a key element in our personal growth, and this workshop is a great opportunity to "complete the incomplete" within us for deep and lasting change. We look forward to having you join us!

Registration is currently closed - please contact us for more information.