A 2-day (Saturday-Sunday) workshop for Masters graduates only on the art of selecting, building, and anchoring resources during the practice of re-imprinting to create deep change that will continue to generate and grow within the client. Facilitated by Carla Camou.

Dates and Times:

  • April 21st & 22nd, 2018
  • 10:00am-6:00pm Saturday and Sunday

Location: The Gazebo at 7 Mount Lassen Drive, San Rafael, CA 9493 (map)  (The Gazebo is around the right side of the office building after you pull into the parking lot.) Note: This training is available only to graduates of our Master practitioner training. Resource Mastery is focused on the skills involved with eliciting and utilizing resources during the reimprinting process. This training is facilitated by Carla Camou. When resources are crafted for a specific imprint experience, taking into account meta-programs and developmental stages, the result is deep change that will continue to generate and grow within the client. During this weekend you will learn how to explore the imprint in a way that illuminates the available resources (resources that have been so severely deleted, distorted, and generalized that they have “disappeared” off the client’s map) and recover them so that they become available in the client’s life. Because we will be working in the realm of reimprinting, this class is for students who have completed the NLP Marin Master’s course. During this weekend, we will concentrate on all aspects of resourcing, including:

  • What are resources?
  • How to access resources
  • When and how to anchor
  • How to build resources that will continue to evolve within the client
  • Functional attributes and Structure of emotional states

There will be time to practice and many interactive demonstrations. Come prepared to both learn about resources and get a little of your own work done. By taking this class you will be able to achieve your next level of competency as an NLP Marin Practitioner.