Four Training Days (Two 2-Day Weekends, Saturday and Sunday), from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day

For graduates of Understanding Family Constellations, Holo I, or qualified Masters graduates

If you completed Michelle’s Understanding Family Constellations (UFC) course you already know the immense value of constellation work. And you now have important tools to facilitate your own.

If you’re in Holo or have completed Holo, you understand how we can work with the invisible, non-physical, non-local information that gives rise to our physical experience.

Holographic Constellations (HC) brings those two worlds together and opens up exciting new territory. As Carl says…

Out beyond the conventional definitions of families and family members and all their entanglements, there are many valid domains in which there are still other forces and factors that massively influence our experience as human beings.

Holographic Constellations introduces you to constellation facilitation concepts and techniques that go beyond the limits of what Hellinger’s “family soul” is usually considered to be.

As you might guess from its title, course content for Holographic Constellations comes out of the constellation work that Carla Camou and Carl have been doing for about ten years in NLP Marin’s Holographic NLP courses, part of the regular NLP Marin curriculum.

Holographic Constellations builds on what you have accomplished already, in either UFC or in Holo.

It will powerfully extend your range and confidence as a facilitator of this remarkable work.

What is different about the Holographic Constellations approach?

Here’s what Carl has to say…

The whole objective of the Holographic Constellations course is to majorly upgrade your rapport with yourself as a facilitator, and also to answer about a thousand questions as best we can.

Compared with conventional constellations, the Holo approach is noticeably less concerned with events and violations of Hellinger’s “Orders of Love.” Thus, the Holo Constellation approach is usually a lot less about the facilitator’s becoming a competent trans-generational Sherlock Holmes, and much more about that facilitator’s capacity and willingness to occupy their own proper weight and dignity, and thereby to allow themselves and the people in the group to activate and fulfill a function we call “Authoritative Patient Includer” (API).

The API facilitator is not there to sleuth out past wrongs and set them right, thus restoring dignity and order for all, etc. “Orders of Love” violations are always a part of things, however, and when it is useful they will always reveal themselves. But this is not the main point in the Holo format.

The main point of the facilitator’s role in the Holo Constellation format is to provide a context of attention and awareness within which the consciousness of various forces and identities can, after an initial nudge or two from the facilitator, find a way to unravel themselves, and to unfold enfolded distortions of love through the presence and inclusion of That Which Cannot Be Distorted.

This is a new and different level in the art form called “constellation facilitation.” Here are some other generalizations about Holographic Constellations:

  • Holographic Constellations are systemic rather than just family.
  • They usually produce the effects of about three constellations in one.
  • There are often no words spoken between and among roles and their representatives. The Holo approach is much less narrative than the conventional approach. Rather than having roles speak lines to other roles, we fix it up so that the distortions behind the words can just unwind themselves. (Note: as a facilitator, knowing what one might want Role A to say to Role B is really useful, and having it not said is often more useful.)
  • Holo Constellations is not about the lore of Hellingerian Cause/Effect or the decoding of what this and that means–-this kind of turning and that sort looking and that manner of laying down, etc. Although this knowledge is essential, we will assume that you have at least the basics of it already.
  • It is possible to do beautiful constellation work, Holo style, and not know anything about family history. The client interview itself is often unnecessary.

Sound like something you might like to do?  Do come join us.

Holographic Constellation Dates 2019

  • TBA

The Oaks Room at the Best Western Novato Oaks Inn,
215 Alameda del Prado, Novato, CA 94949 (map)

Registration will open in 2019. Please check back!