Intensive NLP Training (ITC)

Two 5-Day sessions: Wednesday–Sunday
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. each day; Sundays end at 6:00 pm
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Create real, lasting change for yourself and your clients…at an accelerated pace

The NLP Marin Intensive NLP Training Course (ITC) is an opportunity to learn the NLP Marin Core Competency Toolkit for Communication and Change as quickly as possible.

This is perfect for practitioners, coaches, teachers, parents, business leaders…and anyone seeking personal change or professional development who are incredibly busy or live outside the Bay Area who’ve been wanting to take our training.



Offered only once per year, this 10-day accelerated course is deeply experiential, designed to get qualified participants an incredibly powerful toolkit, and fast-track them into our Masters program as quickly as possible.

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Dates, location, and registration here

What you will learn: 

Coaches, therapists, consultants, practitioners, parents, and others regularly come to NLP Marin for “the difference that makes the difference.”

  • Practitioners of all kinds will learn to work with clients to develop truly compelling motivation toward the fulfillment of long-desired dreams and outcomes.  Coaches will gain increased skills to assist their clients in articulating meaningful new realities and creating congruent shifts towards ultimate outcome-based goals.
  • You will discover the internal patterning that’s generating the unwanted limitations for your clients, while learning how to directly revise it, and create lasting changes.
  • You will learn to elegantly, rapidly clarify both the proximate and deep outcomes of your clients and patients. In this skill set, therapists will discover a reliably miraculous method for gaining immediate, respectful access to the deep unconscious content of the client’s experience.
  • Moreover, this skill set allows the practitioner to immediately work with this unconscious material, to quickly revise stuck and dysfunctional patterning.

What sets NLP Marin apart?

NLP Marin is possibly the only teaching center – NLP or otherwise – that has the expertise and experience to successfully teach this particular unique NLP skill set.  We take great care to ensure that our students integrate the material by providing study groups and teaching assistants in class at no addition cost. Our courses are highly experiential and are designed to be transformative.

NLP Marin classes are completely experiential

Our class time is usually about 25% lecture and highly interactive presentations, about 25% live demonstration of the material being covered, and at least 50% in-person practice with fellow students.

Our trainings are designed to transfer information and to allow that information to transform itself into elegant and powerful behavioral know-how. Our students experience such a high level of proficiency because they get so much opportunity to practice the skills, and to be with and learn from each other in a safe and caring way.

These classes will allow you to explore and practice remarkable techniques to access and change the hidden, internal barriers that limit success and that can sabotage your own and your clients’ best efforts toward learning and growth.

Course structure:

  • Format: ITC is the fast-track to Master NLP Certification.  It consists of two 5-day modules that train the “Core Competencies,” of Marin-style NLP, and prepare you for our unique Masters-level material. (ITC will cover all the practitioner-level training found in our Core Competencies of Communication and Change courses – which are normally held over 6 full weekends in the span of 6 months).
  • Training Assistants: Assistants are selected from among our graduates who have achieved a high level of integration. We have a ratio of at least 1 TA  to 4 students.  There will be someone observing throughout your training experience, who can support your learning and provide valuable feedback.
  • Study Groups: Weekly study groups give you ample opportunity to practice, assisting the integration of your learning, offering an opportunity for your own change work, and preparing you to be an outstanding practitioner. (We are unique in that we also provide study group sessions, every week, conducted by our Training Assistants in the San Francisco Bay Area and over Skype.  Practice, practice, practice leads to an exceptional level of integration and implementation.)
  • Following the completion of ITC, you will be prepared to enter Masters. The Masters Certification consists of eight 3-day weekends, spaced approximately once a month.
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Two 5-Day sessions: Wednesday–Sunday
9:00am – 8:00pm each day; Sundays end at 6:00 pm
Dates, location, and registration here

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