Holographic NLP

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Holographic NLP is important because…

…It shows us how to transform our identity as reality creators and dis-creators so that this present lifetime becomes the “go-to” aspect for all of our incarnations.

“Holographic NLP” defines NLP Marin’s uniqueness. As the first course that we offer for post-Masters students, the purpose of “Holo” is to accelerate everyone from the realms of amazing learning and know-how (Foundations through Masters) all the way out to and into the domain of absolute magic. The “Holo” class is an extraordinary experience not just because it allows students to continue to integrate everything they’ve already learned, but because this is the class where we fully move into the synergy of new material that is essential for 2012 and beyond.

As its name indicates, “Holographic NLP” is based in an analogy with the technology of the hologram, a method for storing and accessing information in which all information is everywhere and eternally present in any information. Our “Holo” course begins from this premise and then opens out to reveal and deliver on the astonishing potentials for learning, changing, and healing that are immediately available when we also include “non-local action” (from quantum mechanics), consciousness-directed field effects and morphic resonance (from Rupert Sheldrake and Bert Hellinger), “Universe as self-reflective mirror” (from a myriad of sources, going back thousands of years), and the hundreds of insights and dozens of specific techniques that Carl has developed in his 30+ years of work with people—insights and techniques that go far beyond anything in the world of conventional NLP.

In the “Holo” course, we use Masters-level, Marin-style NLP to catalyze a truly powerful integration and rapid, magical expansion of all that has come before. “Holographic NLP” is a synergistic integration of tools, presuppositions, and viewpoints drawn from NLP, NLP Marin, psychology, neuro-psychology, quantum physics, meta-physics, constellation work, ancient and modern spirituality, linguistics, neuro-physiology, morphogenics, applied epigenetics, and subtle-body energy work—all delivered through Carl’s utterly unique map of reality, lifetime of experience, and unusually twisted sense of humor.

Our objectives in the Holo course are two-fold: to deeply and delightfully provide this new set of experiences and tools, and, by doing this, to reveal to you your true nature, power, and purpose in this lifetime

It is quite a ride. This is some of what we will explore and learn:

  • Non-local Belief and Identity change
  • Using higher octaves of rapport to support magical connection with other realities
  • Trans-generational, trans-incarnational, and trans-systemic healing and change
  • NLP change-work that utilizes specialized hemispheric functions
  • Working with the Paradoxes of Individuation and Unification
  • The Trans-generational Ecology of Belief and Identity Change
  • Using consciousness and mind to create and discreate physical and emotional reality

Dates, location, and registration for Holo 1 here
Dates, location, and registration for Holo 2 here
Dates, location, and registration for Holo 3 here