Boulder Core Competencies Program

NLP Marin Training for Communication and Change

A Powerful Resource for Personal Change and Professional Success

Bringing the most innovative, in-depth NLP training in the world to Boulder,  Colorado!

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NLP Marin respects and applauds the entire endeavor that is called “Being Human.” We value an unwavering, continually playful commitment to uncovering and disclosing whatever allows life to be fun and rewarding. All of our courses are intense, rich experiences that combine self-discovery, life- discovery, and pragmatic skills development in equal measure.

We ask a lot of our students…but we give them even more. Because we teach and learn in depth, our classes are highly experiential and completely adventurous. Our students are regularly awed by the power of the tools we teach, experiencing significant change in both behavior and belief over the course of the training.

“Given the choices we are aware of, we each do the best we know how at every given moment. We make the best choice available given our resources, environment, and conditioning. When people have better choices available, they use them. Healing, growth, and success are not a question of getting rid of behaviors, but rather of acquiring more choices.”

— Carl Buchheit

The Curriculum

The Boulder training consists of four 4-Day Modules that train the “Core Competencies” of Marin-style NLP. The training covers all the practitioner-level training found in our Foundations of Communication and Advanced Communication and Change courses, and prepares you for our unique Masters-level training.

The Format

Four 4-Day weekends (Sixteen Days)

25% lecture (and other highly interactive presentations)
25% live demonstration
50% in-person practice with fellow students

* Weekly study group sessions for deeper practice and integration (conducted by our Training Assistants).

Who is this for?

Whether you plan to use this work in your profession or not, it is directly applicable and useful in any context of human interaction. We have students in the tech space, financial and business folks, practitioners, therapists, coaches and consultants, parents, trainers and facilitators, professionals, managers and leaders–and those seeking personal change– who all come to NLP Marin for “the difference that makes the difference.”


  • Sixteen full days (four 4-day weekends)
  • Weekly study groups with your Training Assistants
  • Comprehensive Reference Manual
  • Perspectives and tools to use for a lifetime!

About Study Groups

Includes supervised Weekly Study Groups to practice what is learned on training weekends. Just as with learning any skill set, learning NLP is enhanced with practice, and becomes integrated and naturally available for personal development and professional success. Your training assistants are selected from NLP Marin graduates who have achieved a high level of integration.

(The participants and training assistants establish the Study Group schedule during the first weekend.)

Dates, location, and registration here

Contact Kendra, our Director of Enrollment, if you’d like to speak with us about the program., 415-261-5297