News from NLP Marin:
Michelle Masters

From Carl...

I want to inform everyone in the NLP Marin community that, in the Spring of 2019, Michelle Masters will be ending her formal role as a trainer on our NLP certification courses. This is happening to accommodate the realities of Michelle’s burgeoning international career, as well as some imperatives I feel with regard to revising some of the organizational and training structure, and to some extent, the basic mission of NLP Marin.

NLP Marin had its 25th birthday this year. Michelle has been an essential, central, beautiful, superb and brilliant part of just about every moment of those 25 years. Her participation has in every way contributed mightily to the superb quality of what we have offered our students and TAs. I have learned a tremendous amount from Michelle, right along with everything else, and her presence in my life has made my life much better.

This will be a big change for us all. It is my experience, my sense, that it is one of those extremely difficult changes that are necessary for the future growth of all concerned. To assist with the process of responding to community questions, concerns, etc., just below you will find an FAQ page about this evolution at NLP Marin.

From Michelle...

For almost a quarter of a century, NLP Marin has been not only my work, but my community, my friends, my family and my home.

One of the most precious parts of my time here has been getting to be with you through Core (Foundations and Advanced) and Masters<, and watch the beautiful and inspiring changes that you have created in your lives and selves.

The closing circle of Masters every year was always the sweetest day of the year for me. And getting to be with those of you who have assisted, and see that deepen even more, has been wholeheartedly fulfilling and satisfying.

Some of you I have known for years now (and NLP years count like dog years), and some of you I have known for decades. You all have made this such a rich experience for me, that even when the demands of my schedule had gotten overwhelming, I couldn’t bear to not be a part of it.

So, I am very sad to be letting go of the experience of being with our students and assistants in Core and Masters. The best years of my life so far have been here.

There are so many possibilities opening up for where and how I can share this work that we love with others, and I truly hope that some of you will be part of that too.

Thank you for all the blessings you have brought to my life. I will keep those forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why is Michelle leaving NLP Marin?
Michelle has been building her NLP business through the years and is offering more and more classes internationally. She is doing brilliant work in the world, and with the imminent publication of her new book, Money Magic, she will be busier than ever with her own offerings. So, Carl and Michelle came to an agreement that this will be her last year with NLP Marin.
2How long will Michelle keep teaching courses?
Michelle will continue to teach alongside Carl for the current Core and Masters classes. These two classes will be her last delivery of the primary NLP Marin curriculum.
3What about Money Magic? Will it be offered again?
Money Magic is Michelle’s creation. She will continue to teach it. NLP Marin will continue to work with Michelle to sponsor, promote, endorse and recommend all of her classes, present and future, in whatever ways she would like.
4What about the Understanding Family Constellations class?
Michelle Masters' Understanding Family Constellations will continue to be an important part of NLP Marin’s course offerings. Michelle will also continue to be the trainer for the Summer 2019 UFC Course.
5What will be Michelle’s role within NLP Marin going forward?
Michelle has made tremendous contributions to NLP Marin over many years. She will have the formal title of Trainer Emerita and will always be honored as such on our website and within our community.
6Will NLP Marin be hiring other trainers?
Linda Blong will begin to assist Carl in delivering the 2019 Core Competencies training that begins in March (the only one this year, please note!). Carla Camou will continue in present roles, including trainer for the 2019 ITC course.
7How can I keep following Michelle and learn about her offerings?
Michelle would love students to keep in touch with her, and you can sign up for her mailing list by visiting