NLP Marin is a unique training and teaching institution, at the center of a remarkable learning community. For over two decades we have offered the finest Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training in the world.

What would your life look like...

…if you had the change you are wanting and the skill set to create change for others?

The best way to change ourselves is to learn to support change in others.

The best way to support growth in others is to learn to allow easy, respectful change in ourselves.

What if you didn’t have to choose between professional success and personal growth?

They always go together. They can’t be separated because you are a whole person.

And because NLP Marin trainings are about the whole person they are always about both the professional and the personal.

What if real lasting change didn’t seem so rare, so difficult?

There is something about human nature that seems to put a limit on change but we have tools that work with our human nature, not against it – this makes change marvelously available.

Come learn the art of enduring happiness…

it always starts with getting clear about

“What would you like?”

Upcoming Events

Integration of Consciousness (DMA)

Starts: July 11th, 2018 This is an incredibly practical guide to creating what you want in your life. One of Carl’s favorite classes to teach, he describes it as “the nicest, simplest, most compact, elegant, and effective thing of its kind I have ever encountered. It...

Free Introductory Workshop

Saturday, June 9th, 2018 For everyone who didn’t get the full “User Manual” for being human, a 3-hour tour of the NLP toolbox led by Carl Buchheit. You leave the workshop with NLP techniques that you can begin to use right away. This is the introduction to the...

Intensive NLP Training (ITC)

Begins June 20th, 2018 An accelerated NLP training for those looking for the fast track to our Master's program. Reach the next level in your client work and personal development by adding our distinctive Core Competencies toolbox. Early registration: Register by May...

Understanding Family Constellations

Begins Friday, Jun 1st, 2018 For those who are looking for a deeper understanding of constellation work for any reason, including insight into their own family system, this three 3-day weekend course creates a deep and profound experiential knowledge of those often...

Transformational NLP: A New Psychology

Transformational NLP offers a new understanding of how the brain really works. When we understand how our brains work, we can quickly learn to work with and not against ourselves—and change becomes possible.