Money Magic

Money Magic: Opening Doorways to Wealth

A One-Weekend Workshop (Saturday and Sunday)
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day
Dates, location, and registration here

A fun and highly interactive experiential process designed to resolve unconscious blocks and limitations around money, and to create conscious and unconscious patterns and habits that naturally bring about more satisfaction and success with money and finances. Facilitated by Michelle Masters.

Through the course of the weekend you will:

    • Clarify what you really want from money and life
    • Specify the real world results you want from money
    • Discover the most important values in your life, and how money can serve them
    • Explore who you have been, and who you want to be in relationship to money
    • Clear up long-standing beliefs and blocks to money
    • Resolve internal conflicts to having what you need and want
    • Create a compelling future that combines your conscious desires with your unconscious patterning
    • Anchor the results you want into your future

Money Magic Testimonials

Money Magic participants share their results with each other during and after the weekend, which is all part of the fun. Here’s an example:

“During our course part of my money work was looking for a new position and putting 50K in my bank account in January.  Today, my phone has not stopped ringing from recruiter calls.  What’s more, likely next week I’ll be flying to LA to interview for a contract position paying me nearly 70% more than what I was paid at my old position!  And it’s only Monday… AWESOME!”

“My financial life since Money Magic has gone through the roof! Like to the point that I… am just blown away. I’m going to come to Money Magic again in April just because it blew my socks off that much.”

Here is how Michelle describes the course
(3 min)

Listen to one of the exercises you can expect
(9 min)

“Just wanted to say thank you for an incredible weekend. The work I did there helped open some pretty immediate doors in my life and business. I’m moving forward with some big company plans without the resistance (financial fear) I’ve been burdened with for almost 5 years. So freeing!”

Dates, location, and registration here