Michelle's Book: Money Magic

Money Magic: Clearing Your Path to Money, Time and Happiness

Michelle Masters

Available in eBook now - print and audio versions coming soon!

Though this work has now spread all over the world, it began right here at NLP Marin in 2006, and has now lead to this best selling book.

Filled with insights, stories and simple, yet profound, exercises, this is the long awaited book based on the internationally popular transformational Money Magic workshop.

Fun, practical, easy to read and with a hint of magic, Money Magic shares powerful tools for deep and lasting transformation, both personally and financially.

From the Author

After 12 years of doing my Money Magic workshop all over the world, we had gotten so many requests for a book that I finally agreed to put a lot of this in print.

I wanted people to have some of this information and exercises to take home with them, and I also wanted something for all the people who will never be able to make it to a live workshop, but are really wanting the help and change that's available through this work.

It includes a lot of the insights and information from the workshop, as well as many of the most popular exercises. These exercises are unique in that they actually change your patterning around money in wonderful, permanent ways.

Mostly I want people to know that you can have what you want, and you can make the world a more beautiful place while you get it.


"If you want to change your limiting patterns around money to experience more abundance now, then read this book. Masters offers powerful tools to transform money matters with ease and understanding. Whether you are struggling to pay your bills, or want to move beyond a specific financial plateau, this book can offer more money flow."

Melissa Joy Jonsson
Bestselling Author of The Art of Limitless Living, and four other life transformational books

"In Money Magic, Michelle challenges conventional thinking about money and how to get it. This book is engaging and powerful because the ideas are so counter-intuitive and novel. Each chapter contains colorful anecdotes as well as powerful exercises that are immediately actionable. Michelle Masters's book is a must for anyone wanting to end their struggle with money."

S. Hwang