Conscious Co-Creation Bootcamp

Aligning You and the Universal Creational Process

A One-Weekend Workshop (Saturday and Sunday only)
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day
Dates, location, and registration here

Conscious Co-Creation Bootcamp is a 2-day tour through everything you need to know—and to know how to do—to quickly and enjoyably come into alignment with yourself and the creational process of our Universe.

Conscious Co-Creation Bootcamp distills decades of training and change-work experience into 2-days of enlightenment, fun, and real shifts. It is for those with no previous NLP training and also for those with years of training and experience.

Come prepared to learn about how conscious creating really works.

Who Is Conscious Co-Creation Bootcamp for?

Conscious Co-Creation Bootcamp is for anyone (no previous NLP training required) who knows they create their personal and shared reality—that’s the “co-creation”–but who isn’t giving themselves really high marks about that yet—that’s the “conscious” part of it.

Conscious Co-Creation Bootcamp is a low-key, fast-paced, mega-serious, not-at-all-heavy, super trance-y, completely wakeful, very private, highly interactive “bootcamp” experience for anyone who:

1) Knows they create (or co-create) their personal and shared reality, and who…

2) Knows they want to do this by “being positive,” and who…

3) Would like to stop feeling so negative about how they are doing with being positive, so that:

a) They never have to stay in fear, doubt, or guilt about wanting things to be better, even—and especially—when things are still not better yet, so that

b) It can start to feel okay to imagine that things can be okay, so that

c) It can start to feel really good to imagine that things are really good, so that

d) It is actually excellent when things are actually excellent, so that

e) Things can stay that way, in a world where things don’t usually stay that way.


Is any of this familiar?

There are so many ways things are inside-out and upside-down for humans.  Generally, whenever we imagine things being better, about the first thing that happens is that we feel much worse.  If we collapse in the face of this feeling worse experience, we often feel better, but then we feel worse again, and we know we should imagine something better again, but then it feels even worse to do this, because we already failed, or we just know we are fooling ourselves, so we stop, which immediately feels much better, but only for a moment, because now we are letting ourselves down again, so we make a mental note to think about it all again, later, and we go get pizza now, and the pizza feels better, but then it feels much worse again……and on and on, etc.

There are soooo many other ways to describe the looping around nuttiness of being human, but you get the idea.  We all live in this kind of loopiness most of the time.


What’s the weekend about?

It’s about “conscious co-creation” because that’s the main thing our lives are focused on at the moment.  It’s a “bootcamp” because we are going to be learning to do important new things—everything you need and nothing you don’t, we’re going to learn them quickly, and we’re going to do it without a lot of belly-aching and complaining!

The weekend is filled with filters and frames, tools and tips, understanding and doing, all aimed at having as much fun as possible while learning to transform our relationship with ourselves, with other-selves, and with Life itself, so that we can feel our “creational authority”—the certainty that who we are and what we want are the most important things in our own version of the Universe, and in the one we share with everyone else.


About the facilitator:

Conscious Co-Creation Bootcamp is the brainchild of Carl Buchheit and is facilitated by him. “Conscious Co-Creation Bootcamp” represents a synthesis of the learning Carl has had over his 30+ years of running an intense private client practice (he usually sees over 20 clients every week) and an NLP training center where he has been training students in communication and change skills on the majority of available weekends for decades. This weekend is intended to make his learning accessible to a broader spectrum of change agents and healing professionals.

Dates, location, and registration here