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Just click on the headline above to download a ZIP file containing your 3 Starter Pack audio tools you can use on yourself or your clients. Either open it or save it to your computer. To "upzip" it and access your files, just click on it.

(Descriptions of each file are below, along with the order in which to listen to them.)


Stream Your 3 Change Processes Live Right Now!

The first audio file for you to listen to, which NLP expert Carl Buchheit narrates, is called Perspective Patterns

This is a remarkably fast and simple process you can learn (and teach your clients) in just minutes. You can use it to quickly lessen or remove emotional upheaval by putting current upsetting situations, events, people or experiences in your life in their proper perspective…instead of blowing them out of proportion and creating lots of ongoing emotional turmoil.

For example, you might be upset because, say, your boss yelled at you this morning. As long as you’re upset you’re not going to function at your best. So you can use this exercise to quickly calm your emotions and get on with your day the way you normally would.

The second file to open is Submodalities. This is another very simple process you can listen to and learn in about 15 minutes and then use anytime you want it.

This process reduces the emotional charge you have connected to uncomfortable memories. It works by simply giving you ways to play with those memories.

You might use this anytime you recall an unhappy experience you didn’t like. By shifting your feelings about what happened, you can create a different, less uncomfortable experience of the event.

The third and fourth resources are about (3) resolutions and intentions and (4) how you can "re-solve" your they start to work for you rather than against you. You'll want to open and listen to them in that order. They explain the difference between resolutions (and intentions) that succeed and those that don't...and how you can start setting resolutions that make you want to do them (instead of resist them) and get you what you desire.

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