Your Free NLP Starter Pack--With 3 Powerful Tools Plus a Special Event Invitation

3 simple, fast NLP tools you can use to: Start healing old emotional pain, stay calm in upsetting situations, and set resolutions that work…

Your Free NLP Personal-Change Process Starter Pack includes 4 files with 3 surprisingly effective, experience-shifting tools you can use today. They represent just a tiny fraction of what you can learn at NLP Marin...

  • Use one simple-yet-powerful tool anytime to defuse upsetting memories so you can be more present in your life
  • Regain a more relaxed, realistic perspective on your experience in seconds instead of letting your emotions "run away" with you with another short, easy-to-master process
  • Set resolutions that really work—Hear preeminent NLP expert Carl Buchheit discuss how to make resolutions work for you, not against you
  • Want to know more? Just fill out the form (to the right) and we'll send you a special invitation to a Free Bay Area NLP event. So, not only can you get started with these 3 tools now but you also have the chance to take your next step…Come to an interactive Free Workshop and delve more deeply into the NLP toolbox. Discover how it can propel your life forward. If you’re ready to act now, click below to register. Space is always limited!

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“I came to NLP Marin a year and a half ago, encouraged by a friend. I’ve been an energy worker and coach for a decade and found the NLP toolbox is the most elegant, perfect, grounded tool. It makes these things that seem immovable, like tectonic plates, shift, allowing them to gently dissolve and change. I use the tools with almost all my clients now. I refer people to NLP Marin now because it’s so profound. I came into the work to get a tool I could offer other people in my work but I am the biggest beneficiary by far of these tools.”

- Rebecca Elswit, Coach and energy worker

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